Recurrence in Formation (2021)

Recurrence in Formation investigates intersections between man and nature, specifically the human dependence on the natural environment to sustain itself. The omnipresence of fishes eaten in many cultures is interpreted as a sign of life and abundance. These microscopic images of dried fishes are derived from an age-old discovery of salting. Paradoxically, this salting process that stems from food scarcity is evident of imminent mortality. Which is eventual in the cycle of life. The artist aims to reflect on the human pursuit of nature from the source of the food chain.

Recurrence in Formation further scrutinizes these preserved fishes as a by-product of a human-induced natural process. An ephemeral state of existence is reintroduced to this commonplace object, which will inevitably return to the natural world.

This was part of NTUADM graduation exhibition in 2021.

Product & Lifestyle (2021)

Various interview assignments, food and furniture, two of my few favourite combinations. Well at least these were not done remotely.

Studio Shoot 2 (2020)

Collaborated with a James, a UK model, actor and dancer. Model courtesy of my mutual friend, Nicholas. (NDG Photography)

Studio Shoot (2020)

A short product photography session with a model, for a blogshop. She was a natural at posing!

Personal Space (2019)

This work attempts to investigate the idea behind solidarity space where people retreat into their own private sphere. As if the urban landscape suggests some dis connectivity and overall coldness. Attempted to arrange it from dawn to dusk. The relationship between a window and a light source is my point of interest. Location was in Edinburgh.

Bubble Tea (2019)

I had a really fun time shooting this assignment. Had to try to create props from whatever they had in the store.

Inequality (2018)

Taking a life of something in the food chain is something we all humans do. But don’t they deserve to live too? This series investigates the double standards in the everyday treatment of an accessible source of life.

Family & Events (2019)

Some of the precious moments caught by me and my canon 80D.

Food Photography (2019)

Social influencers would say, usually the camera eats first.

Desire (2017)

In this set of photos, I am interested in the idea of hunger and desire, as an animalistic instinct of the human species. The carnal side full of energy and vigour is displayed in the kinetic relationship between the subjects. The 9 x 9 format is to suggest that the experience is cyclic and never ending.

NTU Photos

As part of the main committee in my residential hall, I have played a key role as a publicity manager and these are some of the snaps! We did a joint rock concert; as well as a couple of social events and some formal shoots for publicity usage. I’m glad to have been a part of the committee!