“I love being curiously creative and experimental!”

Hello I’m Mun Mun! I love to illustrate, take photographs and occasionally tinker around. At this stage I am interested in marketing, content production, graphic design and UI design. I currently reside and work in Singapore. Reach out to me, let’s keep in contact!

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I illustrate with a pressure sensitive board and even the Apple I Pad. Vector graphics and pixel graphics are popular. It is nonrestrictive and it allows me to visualise abstract and non-realistic elements.


Filming is almost so easily accessible these days, but what differentiates from the seasoned film-maker is the amount of production value, screen writing and editing processes. I definitely enjoy being in front of a camera!

Flash Photography

I specialise in photography too, for studio and outdoor shoots. Additionally I do both pre production and post production editing so that I get the deliverables down on time!

Social Media Graphics

Social media layout curation and trend spotting is a great way to get inspiration for my own creations! Formatting and interactive elements is a new way of engaging with the incoming group of millennial consumers.

Let’s make something together!