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Finally getting my room back after months of struggle with my mother who has turned it into a store room. But I have a few, missions to complete, so I can slowly transform my room. It had always been a mess of a make-shift space of mine. Until covid 19 happened and I had a fight with my mom and she took her vengeance upon my autonomy. But she is more opened to me getting it back now and I am trying my best to not feel helpless about it. That’s why I’m starting small and, ahem, budgeting. With her approval of course, I’m on my way towards a more comfortable personal bubble.

I have definitely referred to Pinterest and all these amazing spacial decor just makes me drool. (Only) I realised that every space seems to have more than 4 walls. It goes beyond the ideal situation of a rectangle or a square. Had to take in extra wall space and opening mechanisms into consideration and it really does make it feel like my dream space, seem expensive and probably, not the most 99% ideal. It would probably fall in between.

Wall Space, hidden clutter, minimal aesthetics and plants.

Oh, did I also mention platform storage too? Top priority, to hide the unsightly clutter from my sight.

Because I do need wall space to hang up photographs and in addition to that, I need to organise the things I need in my room. Into hidden compartments. Of course throughout my young adult years, I did buy less things because of so much awareness of consumer capitalism and environmental impacts. But personally, it’s about having too much emotional baggage that one is just blinded by stuff. I didn’t want to have anymore stuff that I didn’t know how to deal with now.

With these in mind, I explored some Interior design applications on the iPad and this is one of the design I have in mind. Not gonna lie but it was confusing with the colour schemes and different placement of 3D objects.

App Version of COOHOM
Desktop Version of COOHOM

Rendered look 1
Rendered look 1

So it turns out that I won’t have a contractor help me make this platform because my mother cannot seem to part with her clutter… So in my next design I have had all the clutter move to the left corner and added an additional shelf as I need some storage for my items. And also proportionally wise, I wasn’t sure why it was so tight length wise. Perhaps I had measured wrongly. So I added some approximate space from the windows to my door. And voila I could fit everything nicely. However I can’t remove the darn chir that came with this table as a set, you’d have to visually ignore it for now. Overall the renderings have been amazing and beyond my expectations.

Rendered Look 2 (without platform)

So COOHOM also has a desktop version where you can link your account and continue on your projects, get unlimited renderings and even upload new 3D models. It’s such a useful tool so far and I love the outcome of it! I would totally recommend anyone to give this FREE application on App store a shot.

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