Outdoor Adventure Club Tee

Design Theme: Human × Nature

It’s in humans’ nature to be an explorer, seeking adventures in an unknown terrain. But the worldwide travel restrictions remained tight, so we set out instead to discover the precious pockets of nature our tiny island has to offer. Little by little, we gained a deeper appreciation for the environment. We also started to contemplate about it’s fate, amidst the growing development in our city-state.

Was inspired by the recent trend in nostalgia graphics such as scent stickers and cartoon style creatures.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

It was a club tee, I didn’t want it to be just another boring club tee with numbers and names. How special would it be if I were to have a caricature of ever person inside? Very similar to like a mascot by the korean boyband BTS. In addition to the portraits, there were these requirements to have our club slogan: Play, Work, Love, Huat. I made them into mini graphics as a sketch and played with the layout. Was wondering the best way to have everything, inclusive of the breathing space on the design.

A portrait per person
Backside draft 1, with characters
Back side draft 2
Board game concept on milestones
Pattern concept
Focus on Canoes as the requirement

So this is the final outcome, the layout with canoes was the most representative of the outdoor adventure club. Including these back stickers, the tee is complete.


I love being provocative. In person and in art-making! Usually I'm working on the next big creative project and jamming to some jazzy music.

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