Recurrence in Formation at Gillman Barracks 2021, image courtesy of artist

I survived. This really vigorous, tedious and painful undergraduate programme. Grading wise, it was mediocre. It was the lowest score I had ever gotten in my art making journey. I am a little bit disappointed, but am glad its over. I expected the worst and even thought of running away from my final year project. I did not know how I could save myself even.

However difficult it was, I do not regret my time at this programme. I want to go into the working world, excited and ensure I keep learning. But I am not sure about continuing my art practice. Because this round, the thought processes and the experimenting not paying off in a good grade, has really discouraged me.

At the beginning I was so thrilled to be learning from the greats, I was lacking in some way and worked hard at changing that. But along the way, I realized I learnt from trial and error itself. I missed the craft aspect of art-making other than the conceptual part. But overall I had more industry insights and working with the creative community did not excite me as much as I thought. Spent many nights offline to work on my craft. The biggest lesson of all, was that there is nothing wrong in choosing a style or aesthetic. But why and how does that inform the artistic practice and the communicating of the message. Making new art and exploring, is part of how an artist grows in his/her career.

I want to keep on making beautiful and provocative things.


I love being provocative. In person and in art-making! Usually I'm working on the next big creative project and jamming to some jazzy music.

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