First Post

Hello everyone,

My name is Jade, or Mun Mun is … the original name people can’t pronounce haha.

This is my first blog post on my newly launched site. This site was specifically set up to just organise and put my portfolio together, and rather than constantly blogging, I will be posting tid-bits of behind the scenes during shoots or my artistic process.

I actually jumped from weebly to wordpress because the responsiveness is better. So far it has not been disappointing.

For many of my posts I prefer to type it out as a power point presentation where the layout is nicely put together. But I will see how it goes.

I hope I get a summer internship, fingers crossed. While I was putting this together I felt a little, unqualified for a job. As if my portfolio is not enough. But I think it is decent for a student’s entry job. I hope to get into marketing and something ecommerce related. Cross your fingers for me readers!

Peace out!


I love being provocative. In person and in art-making! Usually I'm working on the next big creative project and jamming to some jazzy music.

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